Interview with Viren Murthy

Portrait of Viren Murthy

Introductions: The Promise and Limitations of Transnational Intellectual History

In Episode 3 of our Introductory Series, Sam Timinsky talks with Viren Murthy, associate professor of History at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As a specialist in philosophy and politics of modern East Asia, Murthy studies how East Asian intellectuals dealt with the transformations of the modern world, examining Buddhists and Marxists alike. From this intellectual history perspective, Murthy gives his answer to our question “What is transnational history.” Join us for our interview with Professor Viren Murthy as we delve into intellectual history, capitalism, and the possibilities and limitations of transnational history.

Want to learn more about East Asian intellectual history? Check out Murthy’s recent book, The Political Philosophy of Zhang Taiyan: The Resistance of Consciousness, which explores how one 20th-century, Chinese philosopher drew on Consciousness-Only (Yogācāra) Buddhism to formulate his theory of revolution.

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