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Gender: The Transnational Redress Movement

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual violence. Those who will be triggered by such content may want to skip this episode.

Flashy news stories about activists placing statues of young women in front of Japanese embassies and in various public places around the world pepper the news in nearly every country. This is the work of a mix of state and non-state actors. However, the most prominent and important is without a doubt the Redress Movement. This network of activists have been fighting for reparations and apologies for wartime sexual assaults and rapes for several decades. Our guest on this episode traces their work around East Asia.

In Episode 4 of our Gender series, Galen Poor & Phillip Cerepak interview Lin Li, a Ph. D Candidate in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Li interviewed numerous Comfort System victims in Japan and mainland East Asia to learn about their experiences during WWII and as activists in the Redress Movement. Activists have been pressuring numerous governments in East Asia and elsewhere since the 1990s. Li brings into clearer focus the ways in which their efforts have always crossed national boundaries, flummoxing ideas like national tragedy and memory to paint a picture of a truly transnational political and cultural project.

Want to read more about this subject? Take a look at Lisa Yoneyama’s Cold War Ruins which can be found on Amazon here. 

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