Interview with Tom Mullaney

Professor Tom Mullaney discusses how thinking about technology changes how we understand Asian and global history. Learn about grand narratives in the history of science, the importance of studying low-impact inventions, and how systems of knowledge, practice and politics are embodied in everyday technologies.

Interview with Madihah Akhter

Gender: The Muslim Matriarchies of India –
Join us, as Madihah Akhter shares fascinating stories about the Begum of Bhopal, a powerful female sultan of one of India’s princely states. As Indians across the British Empire imagined an independent India, the Begum offered a vision that prioritized Islamic femininity and princely power.

Interview with Ayako Kano

Gender: The Largest Category of Human Experience –
Join us, as professor Ayako Kano discusses gender, family, labor, and the current Abe administration’s policies in Japan. Learn how activism and policy-making related to gender strike at the heart of a society’s culture and politics.

Interview with William Noseworthy

Political Violence: Comparing State-Sponsored Violence in Cambodia & Indonesia –
William Noseworthy compares the political violence in Indonesia under Suharto and in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Although Cambodia’s communist-sponsored violence was quickly labeled “genocide,” both events pursued policies of genocide in their actions.