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Introductory Series

  • Bucky Badger with microphone

    Interview with the Editors

    Introductions: TransAsia and the World Podcast - Editors Sam Timinsky, Joy Block, Evan Wells, and Galen Poor discuss the transnational approach to Asian and world history.

  • Portrait of Shelly Chan

    Interview with Shelly Chan

    Introductions: A Transnational Approach to Chinese History & Diaspora Studies - From her perspective on diaspora studies, Shelly Chan answers our question, “What is transnational history?”

  • Portrait of Viren Murthy

    Interview with Viren Murthy

    Introductions: The Promise and Limitations of Transnational Intellectual History - Professor Viren Murthy discusses intellectual history, capitalism, and both the possibilities and limitations of transnational history.

Special Episodes

  • "Roundtable on the North Korea Crisis" flier

    Roundtable on North Korea Nuclear Crisis

    Special Episode (Part 1): North Korea - Listen to UW-Madison's September 2017 panel on the "North Korea Crisis," with history and political science professors - Eunsook Jung, Louise Young, and Andrew Kydd - presenting.

  • Photo of David Fields

    Interview with David Fields

    Special Episode (Part 2): North Korea - Join us for an interview with historian David Fields, reflecting on developments in the year since the Roundtable on the North Korea Crisis and historicizing current U.S. relations with North and South Korea.

Political Violence

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